PharmaWatch™ Case Study

Life made easier for Rural Health Provider!

The PharmaWatch System makes monitoring, protecting, and coordinating problem-responses for widely separated facilities much easier.

As part of a rural healthcare provider system, PharmaWatch thermometers allow us to protect our investment of vaccines and medications from many threats such as power outages, refrigerator or freezer failures or from simple human mistakes. Not only am I grateful for knowledge that PharmaWatch is always watching the temperatures of our refrigerators and freezers but am thankful for the notices from PharmaWatch for the times that something isn’t quite right like a power outage or a communication disruption. Because of the rural location of our clinics, the PharmaWatch systems can alert the staff who will respond to an issue and not just the remote managers who have responsibility.

PharmaWatch keeps watch when no one else is looking.

Larry Helms
Chief Information Officer
Valley-Wide Health Systems