Our Technology is One of a Kind

Engineered for compliance, designed to monitor sensitive environments and inventory

Our Technology is One of a Kind

Engineered for compliance, designed to monitor sensitive environments and inventory

The World's Most Advanced Continuous Environmental Monitoring and Compliance Technology

Since PharmaWatch™ is cloud-based, there's almost nothing to buy, install or maintain. There is no computer hardware to purchase, nor is there software to continually update. The wireless plug-and-play sensor can be installed in as little as 15 minutes with no impact on the IT department. Our solution directly transmits real-time data to a system of geographically dispersed cloud servers using LTE Cat M1 Cellular technology. The PharmaWatch™ Direct sensor does not require any additional access points nor does it require a connection to your facility's WiFi network. It is stand-alone and absolutely isolated from your systems, resulting in complete redundancy and security for your critical environments and stored materials.

Hardware & Tech Specs - What you get

PharmaWatch™ Sensor

  • Industry Best: Collects data and delivers it to the Portal every 5 minutes.
  • Designed specifically for use in the healthcare industry.
  • LTE Cat M1 Cellular Connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery backup with 14+ days run time in the event of power loss.
  • Cellular connectivity allows continuous monitoring even during power outages.
  • Data buffering and automatic recovery insures data collection in the unlikely event of a cell network outage.
  • Sensor LED indicators allow for at-a-glance connection status.
  • Multiple probes on a single sensor to separately monitor two close-proximity environments, or the accurate measurement of two zones inside one large unit.

NIST-Traceable Probe(s)

Wireless sensor NIST-traceable temperature monitoring probe
  • NIST Certificate included at no additional cost and valid for two years.
  • We have a variety of probe types to accommodate every need
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Differential Pressure
    • And More…

  • Not sure which probe will work for you? No problem, we help select the required probes based on your unique needs.

Back-Up Power Supply

Sensor backup power supply
  • Universal A/C power cord and power supply w/ Micro USB connector.
  • Connects easily to any wall socket
  • If A/C power is lost, a battery backup will automatically insure that the sensor continues to collect data for 14+ days. When connectivity returns, the stored data is automatically forwarded to the Portal.

Supported Systems

Graphic of Desktop Sceen, Mobile Device, and Wireless Temperature Montitoring Sensor Together.
  • Supported Desktop Operating Systems
    • ALL! You just need a browser!
    • Windows    Mac    Linux
  • Supported Mobile Operating Systems
    • IOS
    • Android
  • Supported Web Browsers
    • Internet Explorer 9 or Better
    • Edge
    • FireFox
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari