PharmaWatch™ is a software solution designed to deliver the best environmental monitoring and compliance reporting for the healthcare industry, and it can be used just as effictively whether working at home or in the office.

PharmaWatch™ is trusted by these world-class life science groups and many more.

There are 5 major reasons that we are different than our hardware-sale motivated competitors.

Benefit 1: Absolute Security

The world's most perfect firewall—no connection at all

By utilizing LTE Cat M1 cellular technology for communication, PharmaWatch™ Direct bypasses any connection to your private network. As a result, we are not a security risk at all. There is absolutely no chance that PharmaWatch™ can be used as an attack vector on your network. Furthermore, we will continue to report data when other solutions will not. Loss of AC power, WiFi connectivity, or Internet access at the monitored facility will not affect the sensor's operation. We will continue to collect and report data for up to 14 days on battery alone. With regard to data security, PharmaWatch™ stores your critical data redundantly in the cloud across multiple data centers and geographic locations virtually eliminating risk of loss.

Benefit 2: Virtual Temperature Buffering

We offer container-specific temperature monitoring (VTB) in any controlled environment.

Using our patented Virtual Temperature Buffering (VTB) software, we can identify the specific temperature of tissues, pharmaceuticals, or vaccines in any size container with more accuracy than traditional methods and proactively identify deviations allowing you peace of mind when lawsuits are pending. Furthermore, both air temperatures and buffered temperatures are retained allowing comparison if needed, and multiple container sizes can be accurately represented with a single PharmaWatch™ Sensor.

Benefit 3: Compliance Reporting

We deliver immediate CDC/FDA-compliant electronic documentation.

PharmaWatch™ automatically captures all the documentation required for audit support, as well as FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliance. The necessary reports can then be generated with our OneClick™ audit support functionality.

Benefit 4: Advanced Analytics

Using our Advanced Analytics, you can identify problems in hardware performance and system usage before they create trouble

Using the data from our real-time monitoring solution, we can help you continuously improve quality and reduce liability by showing where the biggest improvements can be had in the shortest time. We can help predict units that are more likely to fail allowing you to budget for replacement on your schedule, identify weaknesses in staff training, and use the staff you have more effectively by easily seeing where they need to focus and when.

Benefit 5: No Capital Expense

We offer a no capital expense approach to installing the best environmental monitoring solution out there.

Using PharmaWatch™ hardware, we offer a “subscription only” option to install PharmaWatch™ with no upfront investment. You can use this option to try PharmaWatch™ for a test run, get started quickly, or as a long-term ownership program.

How Our Monitoring Solution Works

Step 1: You have a Critical Environment to Monitor

Graphic of Critical Fridge or Freezer Storage Environment

Our devices can monitor a wide range of parameters include differential pressure, CO2, humidity, and temperatures from -200°C (-328°F) to 50°C (122°F). Applications include:

  • LN2 Tanks (-200°C/-328°F)
  • Ultra-Cold Freezers (-80°C/-112°F)
  • Standard Freezers (-30°C/-22°F)
  • Refrigerators (5°C/41°F)
  • Room Monitors (20°C/68°F +Humidity/Diff. Pressure)
  • Warmers (35°C/95°F)
  • Incubators (50°C/122°F +Humidity/CO2)

Step 2: Wireless + Plug & Play = Easy Installation

Graphic showing where wireless temperature sensor goes on critical cold storage fridge.

Once the probe is installed into the monitored environment and connected to the PharmaWatch™ Direct Sensor, you are ready to go. Nothing more is required. The Sensor is pre-configured to communicate with the PharmaWatch™ Portal via the Cell Network using LTE Cat M1 technology without any further configuration or changes. It's that simple.

» Click here to learn more about plug and play installation

Step 3: Data is Encrypted and Completely Secure

Pad Lock on top of a Cloud Graphic

Data transmission from the Sensor to the PharmaWatch™ Portal is encrypted and secure. The digitally transmitted data cannot be modified or altered. Upon ingestion, the data is stored with encryption keys that prevent any data from being altered. Similar technology is used in the banking industry to protect data.

Step 4: Login to the Web Portal to View Data, Manage Users and Customize the Alerts.

Graphic of computer screen and mobile device screen with PharmaWatch logo on it.

Logging in is password protected. The various levels of access allows basic users to check-in, view status, process alerts and print reports. Only Administrators or Managers have the ability to see who is using the tool, add or change Users and Alert Contacts, or even assess the timeliness of answering and properly documenting the alerts.

» Click here to learn more about the portal and its features.

The PharmaWatch™ Solution Includes:

PharmaWatch™ Sensor

  • Industry Best: Collects data and delivers it to the Portal every 5 minutes.
  • Designed specifically for use in the healthcare industry.
  • LTE Cat M1 Cellular Connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery backup with 14+ days run time in the event of power loss.
  • Cellular connectivity allows continuous monitoring even during power outages.
  • Data buffering and automatic recovery insures data collection in the unlikely event of a cell network outage.
  • Sensor LED indicators allow for at-a-glance connection status.
  • Multiple probes on a single sensor to separately monitor two close-proximity environments, or the accurate measurement of two zones inside one large unit.

NIST-Traceable Probe(s)

Wireless sensor NIST-traceable temperature monitoring probe
  • NIST Certificate included at no additional cost and valid for two years.
  • We have a variety of probe types to accommodate every need
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Differential Pressure
    • And More…

  • Not sure which probe will work for you? No problem, we help select the required probes based on your unique needs.

Back-Up Power Supply

Sensor backup power supply
  • Universal A/C power cord and power supply w/ Micro USB connector.
  • Connects easily to any wall socket
  • If A/C power is lost, a battery backup will automatically insure that the sensor continues to collect data for 14+ days. When connectivity returns, the stored data is automatically forwarded to the Portal.

Supported Systems

Graphic of Desktop Sceen, Mobile Device, and Wireless Temperature Montitoring Sensor Together.
  • Supported Desktop Operating Systems
    • ALL! You just need a browser!
    • Windows    Mac    Linux
  • Supported Mobile Operating Systems
    • IOS
    • Android
  • Supported Web Browsers
    • Internet Explorer 9 or Better
    • Edge
    • FireFox
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari

Automated Compliance

Automated Compliance Pill Graphic - Pill with arrows going around it in circles.

At the click of a mouse, PharmaWatch™ provides a streamlined interface with State Agencies as well as full documentation. It is also automatically updated whenever a new Federal or State compliance regulation is added or amended.

Planned or not, audits consume time, disrupt work routines and drain valuable resources. The advanced reporting and analytic capabilities of PharmaWatch automate the process. This insures a painless, best-practices response to the most rigorous audits.

Regulatory Reporting

Important Paper with a magnifine glass over it.

We not only monitor your critical environments, we simplify and automate the auditing process. Our solution frees you and your staff from the time-consuming and error-prone task of manually recording temperature, humidity and other readings and keeping track of all that historical data.

All PharmaWatch™ reports and records are fully FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant. They are securely stored on virtualized fault-tolerant systems and instantly accessible whether you need the report from yesterday or one from years ago. (FDA CFR part 11 specifically regulates the secure creation, storage and management of electronic records under an electronic signature policy for data compliance.)