Our Team

PharmaWatch is fortunate to have a team of talented, driven people with a positive shared vision of making healthcare environments safer and more efficient and the passion to make this a reality.

Ray Sasso


Nick Ioli

VP and COO

Casey Harris


Anthony Beers

VP of Customer Success

Fred Roe

VP of Sales

Ken Long

VP of Healthcare Solutions

Michael Rusnack

VP of Science and Engineering

Clay Lyons

Field Installer

Jillian Jackson

Senior Sales Executive

Ellie Sasso

Account Executive

Nic Hunter

Sales Support Specialist

Erica Chown

Sales Support Specialist

Jordan Rusnack

Support Desk Director

Dylan Smith

Support Specialist

Lana Sorenson

Administration Lead

Preethi Pfister


Melissa Crumley

Office Administration

Holly Ioli


Andrew Spencer

Director of Hardware Development

Arlo Saxton

Director of Operations and Procurement

Paulette Mazur

Principal Technical Writer

Spencer Sorenson

Graphic Designer

Frank Roe

DevOps Software Engineer

Jessica Gorlinsky

Software Engineer

David Shultz

Calibration Specialist

Andy Gleim

Build Technician

Our Value Proposition

The world’s most advanced environmental monitoring system—and the industry’s only complete solution—redefine what environmental monitoring systems should do, making worry-free compliance, unparalleled patient safety and complete customer satisfaction an affordable reality for the first time ever.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a state-of-the-art environmental monitoring, world-class reporting, and effortless compliance system that frees users from the confusion, frustration and worry of the past.

Our solution will be innovative, technologically advanced and complete, yet simple to understand and easy to use.

By redefining the role of environmental monitoring, we will help clients significantly improve the value, safety and reliability of the services they provide.

We will enable hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world to focus their time and energy on core operations that benefit patients and customers.

By achieving these goals we will further the cause of public safety and assure patients and customers that the procedures, vaccines, pharmaceuticals and other life-giving medical products and services they receive are protected in accordance with the highest possible standards.

Our History

AmericanPharma was formed in 2010 with the merger of three predecessor companies, each focused on a different aspect of environmental monitoring. By combining the three companies, their respective strengths in technology, security and compliance were brought together for synergetic effect.

The merger also instantly endowed AmericanPharma with over 35 years of international experience serving the fields of healthcare, research, and manufacturing.

We've seen it all...

The merger also had the happy effect of focusing AmericanPharma on the advantages and opportunities presented by modern technology. Numerous technical breakthroughs were forged and leveraged to create a service that would dramatically reduce the cost of compliance for our customers while building unprecedented consistency into their operations.

AmericanPharma’s cost-effective base of operations in Boise, Idaho has also helped to make our solution exceptionally affordable, to the extent that our offering now represents the industry’s best Return On Investment.

...and know what it means to do things right

Our founders brought to the table a wealth of experience serving Fortune 500 companies. That experience is now focused on the kind of patient safety, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance our customers need most.

Our ability to turn overwhelming amounts of data into actionable information—while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail—is only beginning to be tapped. Our potential for streamlining business processes, enhancing quality and increasing efficiency is virtually unlimited.

Thought leadership now and well into the future

AmericanPharma is now recognized as a thought leader in the industry, particularly in regard to protecting the efficacy and compliance of vaccines and other life-saving pharmaceuticals.

Several decades of veteran experience and a non-stop commitment to customer satisfaction has made possible, for the first time ever, a fully validated, end-to-end, compliant-based monitoring system that’s more accurate, more comprehensive and more reliable than anything the industry has ever known.

It’s a history we’re proud of and an accomplishment whose benefits we are eager to share.

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