Mobile Apps for iOS or Android

Monitoring and Compliance, Anywhere, Anytime

Access to 24/7 real time critical environmental data, alerts, compliance reports and so much more. All from your phone!

With the PharmaWatch™ App, you will receive the same access to data as the normal portal but in a mobile friendly user interface. Whether you’re in front of your equipment or away from your facility, you can view your environmental monitoring data, complete daily check-ins, and receive and acknowledge alerts; all from your smartphone.

Downloading the Apps

The PharmaWatch™ mobile apps are available for free on the either the App Store for iOS or on Google Play for Android.

Click on the links or scan the QR codes below to download the right app for your phone or tablet.

Google Play

App Store

The Mobile Dashboard Allows Instant Access to Key Data

The dashboard is the home page of the app; it shows all critical monitored environments on a single screen. The current temperature value, humidity reading etc. is clearly visible for each environment as is the alert status. This simple screen is a quick glance at the most important data you need.

See Actionable Alerts from Anywhere

If the PharmaWatch™ Mobile Dashboard shows Active, Non-Reset, or Open/Undocumented Alerts, simply click the Zone entry to see a list of Actionable Alerts for the Zone selected.

Alerts are listed in priority from the newest and least resolved to the older less critical ones. Clicking on an Alert in the list will allow that issue to be viewed or responded to as needed.

Respond to Alerts Immediately

Each step of alert processing can be handled via the PharmaWatch™ Mobile App!

Comments are pre-filled for convenience, but additional information can be entered before completing each step.

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