Our Customers Have Spoken

PharmaWatch™ has improved safety and compliance for our customers and their patients!
"The PharmaWatch portal is incredible! The amount of information at your fingertips is a tremendous help. And, the mobile app is a game-changer! The PharmaWatch team is small but mighty! Each time I call they are responsive and quick to act on our needs."
Megan McKay
Supply Chain Manager, Indiana Donor Network
"PharmaWatch has been the solution to our temperature monitoring requirements, helping us maintain the highest quality standards in Clinical Research as our company grows. PharmaWatch simplified our monitoring process, not only on the individual site level, but locally at multiple sites, as well as, remotely as we have expanded to 5 states."
Tracy Christinason
VP of Clinical Operations, Advanced Clinical Research
"We appreciate your dedication to our success with the software. We have really enjoyed using it because it has simplified our lives quite a bit"
Taylor Howard
Clinic Manager
"I don't know if many tissue banks know about PharmaWatch, but they should because they have so much to gain."
Technical Director - Idaho Lions Eye Bank
"The JC [Joint Commission] reviewed the monitoring data themselves and were quite impressed. Please let your team know the good work they are doing."
Vice President of Clinical Operations at Trinity Health

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