CFR Part 11 Compliant Environmental Monitoring

PharmaWatch™ reports are fully compliant to your regulatory agency and our team is constantly updating documentation to stay current with ever changing regulations. 

Matrix Key:

Meets the regulatory requirement or recommendation

Exceeds the regulatory requirement or recommendation

Compliance Matrix

FDA (GxP, cGMP, and GLP) FDA (CFR 21 Part 11) FDA (HCT/Ps, CGTP) JCAHO VFC AABB State Board of Pharmacy

Alerting and Notification
Completely automated alerting
24 x 7 alerting always on, always ready
Notifications via email, SMS text, and/or phone
User alerts
Algorithm for elimination of false positives
Twice daily check-in ("Documented Eyes") n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Continuous at user or agency defined sampling rate
Redundant backup systems
User access on any internet-connected device

Control of Process
Light n/a n/a
Pressure differential n/a
Network connection
Backup systems status

Health agency audit-ready reports and charts
Administrative reports (alerting, response times)
Fully auditable database with corrective action reporting

Retrievable from any secure internet-connected device
Downloadable and printable in a secure, audit-ready format
User defined 2+ year retention periods

Web accessible closed system
New versions validated by qualified and authorized personnel
Banking level encryption

Unique MAC addresses for devices
Unique ID information displayed on devices
Qualified via an IQ/OQ/PQ process supported by SOP's

Retrievable calibration records
Calibration status displayed on device placard

Security and Data Protection
Encrypted web access
Encrypted data storage
System documentation controlled via use of a secure EDMS supported by proprietary SOP's
Defined access levels with associated permissions

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