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Tech Support for Web

PharmaWatch service was designed to function in critical environments and therefore has been developed using “Quality by Design” practices. This has resulted in a robust, highly reliable system which requires little to no technical support. However in the event support is needed, PharmaWatch™ Field Services is available to assist via phone, email, and even text message.

As part of the installation and qualification process, PharmaWatch™ is deployed with administrative alerting features. These alerts provide system health information such as connectivity information to our always watching field services staff on a continuous interval. This feature has been so effective that we have often provided notification of network problems to our clients before the IT department was aware of any issues!

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Healthcare Expertise

Experience promotes expertise. We have the experience in continuous monitoring with thousands of critical zones and hundreds of clients. We know the regulations and stay on top of them. We deploy GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) in our work and in yours. Our regulatory department researches and manages all aspects of environmental monitoring and old chain management regulations. We are known as experts in this field. We invite everyone to share in our expertise. We devised a safe, worry free system that saves money and labor while increasing Patient Safety and Quality Control. We challenge you to tap our expertise, and learn how our solution is the best monitoring system available.

Our team has expertise in Nursing, Pharmacy Management, Regulatory Compliance, and the Engineering of both hardware and software. They have been assembled to provide the highest quality monitoring solution in the business. We urge you to look into our history while you consider the future of continuous monitoring that is wireless and remote.

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