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Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring for Hospitals & Clinics

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Not just monitoring

As a world-class hospital, we know that you are concerned about your patients’ safety, your reputation, and your bottom line. To help ensure your hospital environment is not compromised due to temperature and humidity abuse, American Pharma has developed a world-class monitoring software solution, PharmaWatch™, that really works.

PharmaWatch™ is trusted by these world-class healthcare facilities and many more.

Why People Choose PharmaWatch

There are 5 major reasons why we are different than the current temperature monitoring system you are using that is based on purchasing hardware with little customer support. Our PharmaWatch™ temperature and humidity monitoring solution delivers on…

Most Scalable Solution in the Industry

Order 1 or 100+, self-installation is always <10 minutes

PharmaWatch™ was designed specifically for scalability in enterprise hospital environments. Tired of installing sensor radios, access points, range extenders, servers, and local copies of software? Modern IoT machine to machine communication is the bleeding edge technology that powers the PharmaWatch™ solution and allows sensor radios to connect directly to our cloud-based software. All of this occurs at the industry’s fastest connection interval, <5 minutes, every 5 minutes!

Absolute Security

The world’s most perfect firewall—no connection at all

By utilizing multi-carrier/multi-bandwidth cellular communication, PharmaWatch™ Direct bypasses any connection to your private network. As a result, we are not a security risk at all. There is absolutely no chance that PharmaWatch™ can be used as an attack vector on your network.

Ultimate Reliability

PharmaWatch™ is the industry’s only solution with direct to cloud communication and algorithms that detect, and alert based on sensor radio health

Industry first direct-to-cloud efficiency is the most reliable and efficient communication method available. Competitive systems have 3+ points of potential failure in data transmission where PharmaWatch™ Direct has only 1! In addition, PharmaWatch™ Direct employs the industries most advanced AI algorithms which continuously check sensor radio data transmission/receipt and telemetry. PharmaWatch™ Support Staff monitor these metrics and will proactively reach out and respond to any issues.

No Capital Expense

No Capital Expense, one low fee with quarterly or annual billing. Order more service at any time in less than 10 minutes!

Using PharmaWatch™ hardware, we offer a “subscription only” option to install PharmaWatch™ with no upfront investment. You can use this option to try PharmaWatch™ for a test run, get started quickly, or as a long-term ownership program. Ordering and deploying more service is easier than any other system, and we guide you through every step.

Organization-Wide Improvement Tracking

Using our Advanced Analytics, you can identify equipment performance and system usage organization wide before they create trouble.

Using the data from our real-time monitoring solution, we can help you continuously improve quality and reduce liability by showing where the biggest improvements can be had in the shortest time. We can help predict units that are more likely to fail allowing you to budget for replacement on your schedule, identify weaknesses in staff training, and use the staff you have more effectively by easily seeing where they need to focus and when.

Safely Monitor the Storage, Handling and Transport of your inventory.

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