PharmaWatch™ Case Studies

Interested in learning how PharmaWatch™ has helped others? These case studies describe in detail examples of how we have increased compliance, improved effiency, saved products, made patients safer, and more.

200 Vaccines and Clinical Study Enrollment Saved

With PharmaWatch 'always-on' alerting and Virtual Temperature Buffering, 200 expensive vaccines and thousands of dollars in revenue were saved, 2 weeks of patient recalls were avoided, and participation in a prestigious Clinical Study was protected!

Pediatrics West saves thousands!

PharmaWatch alerting and the easy and intuitive PharmaWatch mobile app helps children's clinic saves thousands of dollars of vaccines and rest easy knowing they are protected.

Life made easier for Rural Health Provider!

The PharmaWatch System makes monitoring, protecting, and coordinating problem-responses for widely separated facilities much easier.

Arkansas Vaccine for Children Program

In a three-way collaboration between the State of Arkansas, Johnson Controls, and American Pharma Inc. a state-of-the-art, cloud-based solution called PharmaWatch was deployed, reducing ...