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Pediatrics West and I have had the privilege of working with PharmaWatch for the past two years. During these two years, PharmaWatch has provided us with superb temperature monitoring devices for our vaccine storage units along with excellent customer service. The company offers an in-depth website that supports several different reporting methods which allow us minute-by-minute views of each of our vaccine storage units.

My favorite feature is the APP that is on my phone. I am immediately alerted via text and email when our office experiences an “out of range” reading. This has saved Pediatrics West thousands of dollars in saved vaccines over the past two years.

Three specific occasions come to mind as I write this letter.

The first occasion happened a few weeks after purchasing our PharmaWatch thermometers when we had a severe storm in the area which caused a loss of power to our office building. Around 8 pm I was notified via an alert that our temperatures were slipping into the out-of-range zone and I was able to get to the office, assess the situation, and move the vaccines before any loss occurred.

The second main occurrence that comes to mind is a time that I received an alert on a Sunday afternoon. I drove straight to the office and found that our main refrigerator and freezer unit was not working as a result of a popped breaker. I was able to get the unit back on and temps returned to normal range within minutes. This saved Pediatrics West over $58,000 in vaccines that day.

Another occurrence happened when I was driving home after work and received an alert. I went back to the office and found that the office staff had accidentally not closed the freezer door all the way. I am able to see exactly what is going on with the units with the app on my phone 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Without PharmaWatch, these interventions would not have been possible. With our other thermometers, we would have walked into the office the next morning to the sound of alarms going off but the vaccine would have been damaged.

I would highly recommend PharmaWatch to any company or corporation that is looking to closely monitor their refrigerator or freezer units. As the Vaccine Coordinator and Clinical Supervisor for Pediatrics West, I can not express how fortunate I feel that our office made the decision to select PharmaWatch as our primary monitoring company.

I am happy to speak to any company that is looking for a recommendation on PharmaWatch.


Christy Parker R.M.A
Clinical Supervisor
Vaccine Coordinator
Pediatrics West
Wheat Ridge, Colorado

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