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Automated Monitoring and Compliance for Vaccines for Children Providers

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A Complete Solution for VFC Providers

As a VFC vaccine provider, we know there are certain regulations you must meet in order to stay eligible for this program. PharmaWatch has many features specifically developed to meet these requirements and can ensure viability of your VFC vaccines 24/7.

Advantages for VFC Providers

Easy Compliance Logging

Our Check-In feature allows easy once or twice daily compliance logging from any web-connected device including via the PharmaWatch™ mobile app. Staff simply review the PharmaWatch™ Dashboard for temperature values and click the Check-In icon. Each Check-In saves the current time, the temperatures, and the staff member who witnessed them into a secure, redundant database. This is significantly more streamlined and secure than manually filling out and storing temperature logs allowing your staff to focus on other tasks. The PharmaWatch™ mobile app also allows for reminder notifications to prevent Check-In from being overlooked.

A Reading Every Five Minutes

Five minute sample rates ensure that you are quickly notified of any excursion that could affect the efficacy of the vaccines. In the event of a problem, this level of data along with specialized Reports provided by PharmaWatch™ allows you to work with the vaccine manufacturer to truly determine if the product needs to be destroyed or not. In many cases, it may just need to be used first. This timeliness is also key to allowing the PharmaWatch™ Check-In feature to work as it does.

Audits Are a Breeze

Everything your staff needs to pass an audit is easily and always available via the PharmaWatch™ Portal.

View Check-In Reports, download calibration certificates, and review excursions via aggregate reports or detailed summaries complete with corrective actions taken.

Furthermore, VFC clinics can save time by granting the state auditor access* to their PharmaWatch portal so they can assist with guidance and resolution of reported temperature incidents, review monthly temperature data, and assess temperatures before or during a site visit.

*Available only in select states, contact us to see if your state is included

Never Lose Any Vaccine

Alerts are transmitted by phone, email, or text to authorized recipients, ensuring that your VFC vaccines can be attended to before they are rendered unusable. Corrective actions are securely recorded as auditable records.

Based on our extensive experience monitoring clinics, around 13% of refrigerators or freezers will experience an off-hours excursion (typically either a hardware failure or a power outage) each year.

PharmaWatch™ gives you the opportunity to move the vaccines and get the problem fixed without loss, saving thousands of dollars of material and assuring your continued participation in the VFC program.

Messy Glycol is Not Necessary​

Using our patented Virtual Temperature Buffering™ (VTB™) algorithm, we can mathematically identify the specific temperature of vaccines in any size container with more accuracy and convenience than traditional buffering methods.

Furthermore, separate alerts can be configured for each size of container so you can clearly know which vaccines were at risk during an excursion.

Continuous Improvement

Using the data from our real-time monitoring solution, our long term trend charts and other reports can help you continuously improve quality and reduce liability by showing where the biggest improvements can be had in the shortest time. For example, we can help predict units that are more likely to fail allowing you to budget for replacement on your schedule. Our easy-to-use system also helps your staff develop better habits over time leading to better and better compliance. CDC Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit

Safely Monitor the Storage, Handling and Transport of your inventory.

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