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As a world-class Surgical Center, we know that you are concerned about your patient’s safety, your reputation, and your bottom line. To help ensure your surgery facility is not compromised due to temperature and humidity problems, we have developed a world-class monitoring software solution, PharmaWatch™, that really works.

There are 5 major reasons that we are different than the current temperature monitoring solution you are using that is based on purchasing hardware with little customer support. Our PharmaWatch™ temperature and humidity monitoring solution delivers on…

Why People Choose PharmaWatch

There are 5 major reasons why we are different than our competitors. Our PharmaWatch™ Environmental Monitoring Solution delivers on…

We Care

Like you, we care. For PharmaWatch™, it’s about more than just being compliant. 

We constantly strive to provide the best services and technology to maintain patient safety and streamline processes, allowing you to focus on what you do best: patient care.

Web Portal & Mobile App

No more time consuming and unreliable paper logs

Our cloud-based PharmaWatch Portal has a user friendly interface, robust alerting and reporting capabilities, and is extremely intuitive. It can be accessed from any internet-connected device and/or via our iOS or Android mobile app, allowing you to view your monitoring data, acknowledge alerts, quickly complete daily check-ins and assess facility readiness wherever you are.

Audit Reports

Access fully compliant audit reports anytime

As a user, you can access all compliance and audit validation documentation. Reports tuned to your compliance and audit requirements are just a click away anytime. Your critical monitoring data is available online or for download in simple CSV formats. All user activity is logged and traceable for subsequent qualification and audit purposes. All reports and records are fully compliant to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and CMS. They are securely stored on virtualized fault tolerant systems. 

Reliable Alerting

PharmaWatch alerts are both reliable and customizable

Alerts are transmitted by phone, email or text to authorized recipients, ensuring your valuable cold storage and operating rooms can be attended to before they are rendered unusable. Escalations are user defined and corrective actions are securely recorded and auditable reports. Program around defrost cycles and distinguish technical excursions from material excursions to eliminate false alerts. 

No Capital Expense

No Capital Expense, one low fee with quarterly or annual billing. Order more service at any time in less than 10 minutes!

Using PharmaWatch™ hardware, we offer a “subscription only” option to install PharmaWatch™ with no upfront hardware investment. You can use this option to try PharmaWatch™ for a test run, get started quickly, or as a long-term ownership program. Ordering and deploying more service is easier than other systems, and we guide you every step of the way. 

Safely Monitor the Storage, Handling and Transport of your inventory.

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