200 Vaccines and Clinical Study Enrollment Saved

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A plane crash generated a power outage for one of our critical study sites and back-up generators failed. Two hundred trial vaccines were at risk of warming to temperatures outside of the allowed tolerances. If temperatures had exceeded these limits, all 200 would have required quarantine. We would have lost two weeks of trial time with patient reschedules and thousands of dollars in revenue. Even our enrollment position for the trial would have been in serious jeopardy.

The PharmaWatch™ Solution

PharmaWatch™ allowed us to tune our alerts to prevent false positive “nag” notifications yet still provided sufficient response time to save all 200 vaccines and PharmaWatch™‘s power outage alert notified us of the outage even when the back-up generators failed. The four-step alert documentation process allowed us to note our corrective action (moving the vaccines to another facility nearby). Furthermore, with Virtual Temperature Buffering, we could be 100% certain that our study drugs were not compromised.


Susan Thompson
Director of Operations
Advanced Clinical Research

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