Data-Driven Insights

PharmaWatch™ Identifies Root Cause of Temperature Excursions

We have another happy customer! At PharmaWatch™, we help medical facilities maintain optimal storage conditions for critical cold-storage. One of our current customers and latest installs, a research facility, noticed their refrigerator and ultracold freezer temperatures were repeatedly exceeding the upper alert limits. The PharmaWatch™ VP of Science and Engineering evaluated the data collected from the PharmaWatch™ monitoring devices determined that the facility was turning off their air conditioning during the evening. This caused the room to excessively heat, and in turn raise the temperature within the cold-storage devices. By keeping air conditioning on, they were able to solve their issue, and keep their irreplacable cold-storage inventory viable. Problem solved!


Here’s how our PharmaWatch solution helped:

  • Real-time monitoring: We remotely monitored and recorded temperatures in freezers, refrigerators, and other storage units using NIST traceable sensors.
  • Data-driven insights: Our system identified limit-exceeding room temperatures potentially affecting medication integrity.
  • Root cause analysis: We discovered overnight AC deactivation and insufficient cooling capacity for the equipment load.

Benefits for your facility:

  • Peace of mind: Ensure medications are stored within compliant temperature ranges using a system that is highly secure.
  • Reduced risk: Avoid spoilage and maintain medication efficacy.
  • Easy installation supporting a proactive approach: Identify potential issues before they impact research.
  • Data-driven decisions: Optimize storage conditions based on real-time insights.

It is vital that organizations understand the environment for which their critical material is stored. Understanding solutions like maintaining continuous AC or relocating storage to a controlled environment may be the difference between viable and non-viable product. PharmaWatch™ empowers informed decision-making to ensure medication quality and research integrity.


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