A little about who we are and what we do

All together now

PharmaWatch is fortunate to have a team of talented, driven people with a positive shared vision of making healthcare environments safer and more efficient and the passion to make this a reality.

Ray Sasso

Ray Sasso


Lana Sorenson

Lana Sorenson

Deployment Manager + Administration

"PharmaWatch is a product that I am proud to represent. We give our clients peace of mind so they can confidently provide their customers and patients with safety and quality. I like knowing that we are doing work that can help save the world. This may sound like an overstatement, but if we keep a vaccine safe and viable and prevent a child dying from a deadly disease, that saves someone’s world."

Anthony Beers

Anthony Beers

Director of Operations and Client Success

"PharmaWatch means a commitment to building a relationship with our customers. This enables everyone using the system to meet their environmental monitoring needs with minimal, effective effort and maximum protection. With coordinated use of our solution and effective communication between clients and the PharmaWatch team, we reach a higher standard in maintaining safe environmental conditions."

Lindsay Meloy

Lindsay Meloy

Sales Executive

Jillian Hansen

Jillian Hansen

Sales Executive

Nick Ioli

Nick Ioli


"PharmaWatch is the most premium environmental monitoring system in the world, supported by a culture of family and friends who enjoy helping the healthcare industry stay focused on the most important things, like patient care."

Michael Rusnack

Michael Rusnack

Vice President of Science and Engineering

"PharmaWatch offers cutting-edge environmental monitoring of pharmaceuticals and other sensitive medical products. Working on the PharmaWatch team gives me an opportunity to use my knowledge, skills, and abilities to develop and enhance products that potentially save lives."

Casey Harris

Casey Harris


"I am proud to say that PharmaWatch is both the easiest-to-use product in the field and also one of the most full-featured. Plus, via our continuous improvement process, it is getting better all the time."

Kathryn Flamm

Kathryn Flamm

Sales Executive

Preethi Pfister

Preethi Pfister

Deployment Manager

"PharmaWatch is more than just a monitoring tool. We are a total package of monitoring, technical support, regulatory support, best practices and constant product improvement. I love being able to tell healthcare professionals that we can help make their job easier. PharmaWatch is a premier product and I am proud to be a part of this team."

Ellie Sasso

Ellie Sasso

Marketing Manager + Sales Executive

"To me, PharmaWatch is a product and service that helps people. It gives healthcare professionals the opportunity to focus on providing the highest quality care to patients. Not only this, but it ensures the safety and viability of vaccines given, operating rooms used, or stored biological materials. By implementing our product and services, we’re able to help better the overall quality of care. I love being part of a team where our passion drives us to grow. "

Z Snow

Z Snow

Customer Success Manager

Jake Veto

Jake Veto

Fulfillment Manager

Spencer Sorenson

Spencer Sorenson

Graphic Artist

"To me, PharmaWatch means reassurance. We assure the quality and safety of our client's products and provide the support needed to make our client's job easier."

Andrew Spencer

Andrew Spencer

Director of Hardware Engineering

Arlo Saxton

Arlo Saxton

Field Engineer

Call our team today to see what an ingeniously designed monitoring system looks and feels like. You'll be glad you did.

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Our Value Proposition

The world's most advanced environmental monitoring system—and the industry's only complete solution—redefine what environmental monitoring systems should do, making worry-free compliance, unparalleled patient safety and complete customer satisfaction an affordable reality for the first time ever.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a state-of-the-art environmental monitoring, world-class reporting, and effortless compliance system that frees users from the confusion, frustration and worry of the past.

Our solution will be innovative, technologically advanced and complete, yet simple to understand and easy to use.

By redefining the role of environmental monitoring, we will help clients significantly improve the value, safety and reliability of the services they provide.

We will enable hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world to focus their time and energy on core operations that benefit patients and customers.

By achieving these goals we will further the cause of public safety and assure patients and customers that the procedures, vaccines, pharmaceuticals and other life-giving medical products and services they receive are protected in accordance with the highest possible standards.

Consulting Services - Medical professionals holding a poster with  logo on it

Who are we? We're driven.

We're new. We're different. We're better.

Not in just one aspect of environmental monitoring, but in every detail.

Yes, there are older, more established companies with a longer list of established customers. That's all well and good.

There's nothing wrong with a legacy company or a legacy system.

Until something better comes along.

What makes us better?

We champion the newest technology, the most innovative thinking, and the view that solutions—no matter how detailed and comprehensive—should be simple and easy to use.

Making the impossible possible

Incomplete solutions that leave users feeling confused, overwhelmed and inefficient are not solutions at all.

They're half-measures.

And yet—as you know—half—measures have dominated the industry, at least up until now.

A new paradigm…

By combining the most advanced technology with the freshest, most inventive thinking, we've developed a set of features and benefits no one can match.

We've also created something else that's never existed before: a complete solution that addresses every challenge of environmental monitoring and does it so thoroughly that the problems, the confusion, and the worry of the past simply go away.

…for a new customer experience

Yes, ours is the world's most advanced environmental monitoring system.

And the industry's only complete solution.

But what it's all really about is you.

That's because our third claim to fame—complete customer satisfaction—is the most important one to us.

It's the goal of everything we do.

And the reason we're so eager to meet you.

Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction.

Our Founders

Ray Sasso, Chief Executive Officer

If Ray's not starting a new business, something's wrong. Over the past 30 years, he's served as CEO, President or Chairman of dozens of companies. His experience spans all phases of business development up to and including IPO. One business he developed, in conjunction with Intel Venture Capital, became a pioneer in the application of Artificial Intelligence software (AI), using advanced failure-predicting algorithms to continuously monitor and diagnose the status of geographically distributed mission-critical hardware. Ray has also developed businesses that apply advanced technology to all phases of food production, from agricultural field operations and automated manufacturing to point-of-sale data management.

Gene Ioli, VP Regulatory Affairs

It's known, and often repeated, that PharmaWatch™ was created "under the direction of regulatory compliance experts." If you ever wondered who that might be, here's the guy. Gene has over 25 years of domestic and international experience in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs. Plus eight years of quality assurance audit support for the FDA/GMP manufacture of prescription drug products, including FDA submissions in support of New Drug Applications (NDAs). Numerous Fortune 100 global pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on Gene as an advisor. He also serves as a due diligence regulatory expert in a variety of other fields, including emerging pharmaceutical manufacturing technology, pharmacovigilance, and pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions throughout the world.

Michael Altree, VP Business Development

Michael's experience extends from high-tech start-ups to global operations. Over the past 30 years, he's led research, development, marketing and commercialization teams spanning the US, Europe and Asia. He's pioneered new technology with scientists and engineers from numerous global 50 companies. In his early years as an engineer, he designed hardware, software and solutions for use in healthcare, medical equipment, oil exploration, and data storage and management. Michael has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Executive Certificates from the MIT Sloan School of Management in the areas of Strategy and Innovation, Technology, and Leadership. He has been granted multiple patents and awards for his inventions and entrepreneurial skills.

Casey Harris, Chief Technology Officer

Casey's expertise in software engineering has benefitted an amazing variety of industries: irrigation control, industrial monitoring, casino promotion development, the tracking of casino players, and the study of consumer loyalty. His data collection, storage and display expertise extends to embedded collection points, data networking software, databases for storing information, and the websites and user interfaces used to display information. In his work for the casino gaming industry, Casey designed player reward and incentive systems that securely handle millions of dollars worth of awards worldwide while complying with the demanding regulatory requirements of the casino industry. That experience has played a major role in the design of our regulatory-compliant data collection and reporting software that's built to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry not only today but tomorrow and the day after.

Michael Rusnack, VP Science and Engineering

Michael's diverse background ranges from electronics to wastewater/alternative energy solutions to video signal capture and distribution. As comfortable with a start-up as he is with a Fortune 500 conglomerate, he owns nine patent awards across multiple disciplines. Michael excels in the development of business-client interfaces and the kind of technical team management that builds communication between key stakeholders. A leader in technology-based design and analytics, he's headed countless product development initiatives from the conceptual stage to final market delivery and continues to orchestrate cost-efficient systems that drive reliability, capability and continuous innovation to meet contemporary needs.

AmericanPharma, we make the impossible possible

Consider the challenges of environmental monitoring:

The extreme vulnerability of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals to minor fluctuations in temperature, and how devastating the consequences can be to patient safety and public health.

Consider the number of things that can go wrong: power outages, human error, disconnections, misplaced paper, doors left ajar, defrost cycles that trigger false alerts, glycol that degrades, bottles that vary in size and freeze at different temperatures.

Temperature recordation twice a day is insufficient, many things can go wrong in the twelve hours in between! We know. We have monitored systems that went from fine to frozen in under an hour!

A distinctively entrepreneurial approach

Environmental monitoring clearly needed a makeover. And new technology would have to play a major part. But it would need to be applied in entirely new and imaginative ways. To deliver a complete and comprehensive solution, a previously un-imagined level of accuracy, consistency and reliability was required.

That's where we have the advantage. We not only had the ability to create new technology. We also had the piece others were missing: an entrepreneurial spirit that wouldn't take no for an answer.

Starting from scratch

Bottom line: your ability to rely on a piece of technology depends on how pro-active that technology is in predicting, processing and responding to every possible contingency.

Legacy systems are restricted to a fragmented, patch-worked retrofitting of antiquated technology. It may have been a great system when you bought it, but the attempt to upgrade it can be prohibitively expensive and difficult to implement with no assurance that it will even work.

We, on the other hand, could start from scratch and get it right from the beginning.

Our alerts mean business

The extra effort has paid off.

We're able to program around defrost cycles and distinguish technical excursions from material excursions.

Our wireless architecture simplifies installation and reconfiguration as needs change and provides 100% redundancy.

Our portal is better: more intuitive, more user-friendly and logically structured so you can start with an overview, then drill down as much as you like.

Our state-of-the-art predictive algorithms mean you can completely trust your alerts. You're contacted only when needed and told precisely what you need to know and do.

PharmaWatch is also truly continuous as opposed to just frequent. As a result, we provide much more base data than anyone else—data that can be massaged to produce precisely the information you need for reporting, auditing and other applications.

Then there's our cloud architecture that allows us to maintain the software, update it as appropriate, and keep it current in a manner that's transparent to the customer. While some may fear the cloud, we know a cloud-architected system will beat a client-server architected system every time and is far more dependable because there's no single point of failure.

It just keeps getting better

The measure of technology is its functionality. And that's where our future-proofed and limitlessly scalable solution gives us another advantage. The longer we work with it, the more we learn and the more it improves. Our algorithms, for example, are constantly being refined. As a result, we get better and better at fine-tuning our analysis and interpretation of data.

If technology is all about functionality, then functionality is all about the people who conceive it. Read our "About Us" and "Our Team" pages on this website and you'll see a direct line between our founders and the solution we offer. Our success is a direct reflection of who we are and the experiences gained in industries and locations around the world.

The comprehensive, state-of-the-art solution we offer today—providing unrivalled patient safety, worry-free compliance and complete customer satisfaction—owes its existence to many factors. But none is more important than our people.

We urge you to contact our team today and find out for yourself what the industry's only complete—and completely satisfying-solution can do for you.

AmericanPharma, we make the impossible possible

A perfect fit right from the start

AmericanPharma was formed in 2010 with the merger of three predecessor companies, each focused on a different aspect of environmental monitoring. By combining the three companies, their respective strengths in technology, security and compliance were brought together for synergetic effect.

The merger also instantly endowed AmericanPharma with over 35 years of international experience serving the fields of healthcare, research, and manufacturing.

We've seen it all…

The merger also had the happy effect of focusing AmericanPharma on the advantages and opportunities presented by modern technology. Numerous technical breakthroughs were forged and leveraged to create a service that would dramatically reduce the cost of compliance for our customers while building unprecedented consistency into their operations.

AmericanPharma's cost-effective base of operations in Boise, Idaho has also helped to make our solution exceptionally affordable, to the extent that our offering now represents the industry's best Return On Investment.

…and know what it means to do things right

Our founders brought to the table a wealth of experience serving Fortune 500 companies. That experience is now focused on the kind of patient safety, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance our customers need most.

Our ability to turn overwhelming amounts of data into actionable information—while maintaining a comprehensive audit trail—is only beginning to be tapped. Our potential for streamlining business processes, enhancing quality and increasing efficiency is virtually unlimited.

Thought leadership now and well into the future

AmericanPharma is now recognized as a thought leader in the industry, particularly in regard to protecting the efficacy and compliance of vaccines and other life-saving pharmaceuticals.

Several decades of veteran experience and a non-stop commitment to customer satisfaction has made possible, for the first time ever, a fully validated, end-to-end, compliant-based monitoring system that's more accurate, more comprehensive and more reliable than anything the industry has ever known.

It's a history we're proud of and an accomplishment whose benefits we are eager to share.

AmericanPharma 100%x100% customer satisfaction medal

"100 x 100"—a customer satisfaction policy like no other

PharmaWatch is both a product and a service. But most importantly it's a partnership. And not just for now, but for the long haul.

You can see that in our product—how it's continually and automatically updated whenever a state or federal compliance regulation is added or amended so you're never caught off guard. It's also globally scalable and future-proofed so it will grow with you over time no matter where your journey takes you.

The partner you can trust

How we treat customers is different, too. Our "100x100" program seeks complete satisfaction among 100% of our customers. It's an unusually bold policy that holds our feet to the fire when it comes to your satisfaction. Our team is your team and nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction.

Why it works

Our "100x100" policy works in large part because of the accuracy and reliability of PharmaWatch. The benefits of the world's most advanced environmental monitoring system are so comprehensive, so significant and so automatic that they typically exceed, rather than just meet, expectations. Customer satisfaction is the norm when a product is this advanced, this reliable, and this beneficial.

Guess what? You're next!

For us, the commitment to unrivalled service and support is just part of doing business. We routinely go the extra mile to make sure our system is perfectly tuned to your needs.

Does that mean we're batting a thousand? It depends on you, our next customer.

We look forward to the chance to serve and satisfy you. Contact us now to find out what complete customer satisfaction feels like.

Consulting Services - Medical professionals holding a poster with PharmaWatch logo on it

A variety of regulatory consulting services to see you through

AmericanPharma's regulatory consulting services are designed to ensure that your drug storage monitoring conditions pass all regulatory compliance requirements the first time through.

Health Care

We provide regulatory consulting services to health care provider organizations that choose to use compliant temperature monitoring and operating procedures to achieve regulatory standards set forth by JC (EC01.01.01), FDA GxP, cGMP and GLP, FDA CFR 21 Part 11, FDA HCT/Ps and CGTP, JCAHO, VFC, AABB, and Pharmacy State Boards.

Note: JC compliance monitoring methods must track temperature in an ongoing fashion to indicate whether or not internal temperature has deviated from the required ranges for all drugs stored. In addition, your organization should have a defined process outlining disposition of medication from a refrigerator or freezer that has deviated from the recommended temperature range.

FDA Tissue Banking

We provide regulatory consulting services to Tissue Banking services that choose to comply with Good Tissue Practices (cGTP's).

Note: We provide risk assessment for maintaining 21 CFR Part 210/211, ICH Q7 compliance and expertise in cGMP/cGCP audits, SOPs and regulatory document management.

Food and Drug Administration

AmericanPharma provides consulting services for regulatory strategies, preparation of FDA regulatory filings (both domestic and international) with a particular emphasis on chemistry, manufacturing and controls as well as submission support, including project management and document review.

Note: We provide risk assessment for maintaining 21 CFR Part 210/211, ICH Q7 compliance and expertise in cGMP/cGCP audits, SOPs and regulatory document management.

Vaccine Storage

AmericanPharma has developed best practices for procedures surrounding the handling and cold storage of vaccine and biopharmaceuticals that comply with recently modified state and federal guidance. We offer regulatory consulting services including GAP analysis for implementing vaccine storage best practices as well as the training of appropriate personnel in their use.