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PharmaWatch COVID has the same advantages of the basic PharmaWatch product but has been tuned specifically for use with COVID-19 vaccines. Your sensors will arrive pre-configured for COVID-19 vaccine monitoring and ready to install.

Only real-time monitoring will allow you to prevent problems before they damage your vaccine inventory. Completing twice daily check-ins with a digital data logger or paper log is not enough to ensure viability.
COVID-19 vaccines will likely be stored similarly to other vaccines. Vaccine freezers and refrigerators are most common, but some COVID-19 vaccines made with mRNA could be stored in ultra-cold conditions. Regardless, PharmaWatch COVID will be shipped pre-configured to monitor your vaccines correctly.

Yes. Because the PharmaWatch sensors communicate via IoT cellular, they are perfect for transporting COVID-19 vaccines. Your vaccines will be monitored the entire trip, and real-time data will be available to you via the PharmaWatch Portal. On the off-chance that cellular connection is unavailable at any point during the trip, all data will be backfill once the connection is re-established.

The cellular network our sensors communicate through, LTE Cat M1, is stronger and more reliable than most basic networks. Because of this, our sensors can communicate in places where cell service is weak. In the rare case that our sensors are unable to transmit data, all data will be recorded locally on the sensor and automatically upload to your cloud storage once the sensor is reconnected.
PharmaWatch COVID sensors are made to be plug and play. When you receive your sensors, they will be pre-configured to meet COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer requirements. All you have to do is plug them in, turn them on and you’re in business.
No. Because our sensors communicate via cellular, there is no need to access your WiFi network. This allows installation to be completed by you or any of your employees, without the involvement of your IT department.
Yes, Installation and Operational Qualification procedures are included with all PharmaWatch COVID deployments. In collaboration with pharmaceutical and healthcare industry regulators, our quality staff have developed Installation and Operational Validation procedures and accompanying summary reports. Each report is reviewed by a PharmaWatch Quality Lead before delivery.
Yes. PharmaWatch™ exceeds all CDC recommendations for vaccine monitoring. In addition it provides patented data analysis for evaluating, maintaining and complying with CDC COVID-19 Vaccine storage requirements.
No, PharmaWatch COVID does not have a minimum quantity to get started. Start with 1 or 100. PharmaWatch COVID is made to be completely scalable. New units can be ordered in under 10 minutes and seamlessly added to your existing installation, making it easy for you to start small and expand.

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