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Ultra-Low Temperature Monitoring for COVID-19 Vaccines

We purposely built the simplest, lowest cost, and most reliable real-time solution for COVID-19 ultra-low temperature storage and handling requirements.

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Why It's Important

The CDC recently noted in their playbook that some COVID-19 vaccines will require ultracold storage. This is one of the biggest challenges facing our health care system today, and a critical piece of this is ensuring that all COVID-19 vaccines are stored at the correct temperature to keep them maximally effective.

Now, more than ever, YOU need to ensure the efficacy of the vaccines stored in these freezers and packages. The only way to do this is with a foolproof monitoring system that can continuously monitor ultra-low temperatures and notify you of problems in real-time. Further, it must be able to do it anywhere, and must be available and working immediately.

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The Challenge

Current CDC monitoring standards are for use of a Digital Data Logger. This is not enough to ensure complete efficacy of your vaccines for the following reasons.

As with all new things, there will be a learning curve, and some lessons along the way. Don’t let those lessons damage your irreplaceable COVID-19 vaccines.

Ultra-Low Vaccine Temperature Monitor with Sensor

Temperature Monitoring Sensor For Fridge

Monitor temperatures of -80C or lower using the most accurate technology available for this purpose​

Direct to cloud communication via IoT cellular allows for monitoring during transport or in mobile clinics

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5 minutes sample rates and 24/7 remote alerting to your phone or email ensures you're quickly notified of any excursion that could affect the efficacy of the vaccine

Rapid deployment of preconfigured sensors that can be self installed in minutes - no additional hardware of access points are needed

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