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The Simplest and Most Effective COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Storage Monitoring

The only cold storage monitoring that exceeds the recommended compliance and safety requirements of your COVID vaccines

Trusted Globally in the Health Care Industry

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The most advanced vaccine cold storage monitoring system on the market.

How we monitor your COVID Vaccines

PharmaWatch COVID has the same advantages as the basic PharmaWatch product, but has been tuned specifically for use with COVID vaccines, including cold-chain transport. You will be alerted via phone or email if any storage condition is jeopardizing the efficacy of any of your vaccines.

Compliance matters to us.

PharmaWatch COVID is fully compliant to FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and automatically captures all needed audit documentation. Reports can be accessed in 3 clicks or less and are print ready.

The Technology

PharmaWatch communicates via the latest IoT cellular technology. This means no extra hardware and virtually no setup required. The sensor will be delivered pre-configured to monitor your COVID Vaccines according to manufacturers specifications, and installation is ‘plug and play ’.

Who can use our enviromental monitoring system?

The PharmaWatch system can be used to monitor a wide range of environments, including COVID vaccine refrigerators, freezers, and cold-chain transport. Additionally, PW can be used within UltraCold and LN2 environments, incubators, warmers and rooms.

Transport & Mobile Monitoring

Cold-Chain Transport Ready – Industry first, and the nation’s most robust IoT network allow for ultra-reliable real-time transport coverage.

COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring Benefits

Completely Scalable

Start with 1 sensor or 100, the process is the same. Add additional units at any time and easily install in <10 minutes per unit.

Absolute Security

By utilizing LTE Cat M1 Cellular for communicating, PharmaWatch bypasses your WiFi network entirely. Because of this, we are not a security risk.

Plug and Play

Tuned specifically for rapid deployment of COVID vaccine cold storage.

Ultimate Reliability

Because PharmaWatch uses direct sensor to cloud communication with minimal points of failure, and sends alerts based on sensor health, we have the most reliable solution in the industry.

No Capital Expense

With subscription style pricing, there is no large upfront investment to start using PharmaWatch COVID.

Ease of Use

Our highly intuitive system requires very little training. Installation is Plug and Play and our dashboard is made to be extremely user friendly.

Trusted and used daily around the world

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