Continuous, Remote Monitoring During COVID-19

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Many lives have been impacted by COVID-19, especially in the healthcare and life science fields. Some have shifted to working from home, while others must continue to provide the community with essential care. Even though there is so much uncertainty, there are things that remain of the utmost importance: keeping your facility, inventory and most importantly, your patients, safe.

If your facility is caring for those affected by COVID-19, your normally busy jobs have probably gotten even busier. During times like this, your staff must have enough time to focus on the most important thing: your patients. You also need to be sure that your facility is safe for patients when day to day operations return to normal. If surgery is part of what you do every day, then you know the significance of keeping a sterile operating room to help prevent infection. Temperature, humidity and pressure need to stay within range, even if you’re not performing daily surgeries, to ensure patient safety. *

Whether you’re at work or home, your vaccines, research specimens, and tissues must remain viable. Inventory loss is costly and potentially devastating. Just because you can’t be there, it doesn’t mean all your precious inventory has to be at risk of becoming unusable. An important aspect of keeping your inventory safe is knowing when something is wrong. If you can’t oversee your inventory in person, it’s critical that you’re alerted when something is out of range.

Once installed, the PharmaWatch system monitors your inventory so you don’t have to, and only requires your attention when something goes out of range. Free up your staff so that they can provide needed care to your patients. If you do have to be at home, the PharmaWatch web portal and mobile app allow you to view your monitoring data at any time, from any internet-connected device, and get alerts when something is out of range. You will always know whether your inventory is safe and viable. No more surprises. PharmaWatch ambient monitors do the same for rooms as they do for inventory. When you return to surgery, you can feel confident that your patients are safe, and receiving the best care possible.

If your monitoring needs relate to COVID-19 in any way, we want to get your facility protected as quickly as possible. Let us know and we will prioritize your order from the time we send you the quote until it is installed and fully live.

*To learn more about operating room conditions and infection prevention, read the following articles:

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