Wave Goodbye to WiFi Headaches With PharmaWatch™ Direct

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We know that nearly everyone’s experienced the headache of WiFi management, and all the issues that almost certainly come with it. Now you won’t have to.

For the past few years, the PharmaWatch™ engineers have been working tirelessly to develop our latest and greatest technology: PharmaWatch™ Direct. These new sensors are equipped with a strong and consistent cellular connection, secure data transfer, and increased device robustness. By introducing the industry’s first option for cellular technology, our team hopes to create a better user experience in all aspects of the PharmaWatch™ system.

The cellular network our sensors utilize is both reliable and strong. When there’s a WiFi interruption, such as a power outage or network failure, any device that relies on that signal will fail. That’s a problem you don’t have to worry about with PharmaWatch™ Direct. No more groggy midnight trips down to your facility to deal with an outage that is affecting your monitoring. This network is also able to consistently penetrate basements and other areas where signal is usually weak.

Because this sensor communicates via the cellular network, there will only be two points of communication: the cloud and the cell tower. With no external routers, servers or wireless access points, your connection will be more reliable than ever, and your data more secure than ever. No one can use the PharmaWatch system as a “back door” to your infrastructure.

Sensor – Nationwide IoT Network – Offsite Globally Redundant Cloud Server – Device

Beyond reliability and security, we’ve made this device to be robust in every way, from the display screen to the battery. There is an optional, separate display screen that can be positioned for best visibility, and state of the art battery management to increase both efficiency and durability. “This product represents the ultimate in simplicity and security for real-time monitoring” – Ray Sasso, CEO.

For More information or a quote on the PharmaWatch™ solution, call us at +1 888.234.5157 or visit our website.

Founded in 2010, PharmaWatch is a software solution designed to provide the best environmental monitoring and compliance reporting for the healthcare industry. By redefining the role of environmental monitoring, we help clients significantly improve the value, safety and reliability of the services they provide.

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