Don’t Have Hardware on your Mind

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When your valuable inventory is on the line, you shouldn’t have to waste time learning to use and maintain complex hardware in order to monitor your critical environments. You should be focused on the results. With no intermediate routers, gateways, or access points, PharmaWatch™ has the most direct “sensor to cloud” communication in the industry. Multiple points of failure are eliminated, communication is faster and more efficient, and there is no hardware training or maintenance required. 

Installing a new environmental monitoring solution can seem like a daunting task. Choosing a system that can be installed quickly and efficiently is essential to keeping your inventory protected 24/7. The need to install additional access points both prolongs the installation process, leaving your inventory unprotected for a period of time, and poses a greater security risk once the system is fully installed.

Installation of the PharmaWatch™ solution typically takes 15 minutes or less. The only hardware required is the sensor and the probe and there is no software to download. Once installed and validated, our web portal can be accessed through any internet connected device.

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